CO-SPONSOR’S OF 2011 MHRP – CITY OF DETROIT DMC Group co-sponsored 2011 Minor Home Repair Program

  • CO-SPONSOR’S OF 2011 MHRP – CITY OF DETROIT DMC Group co-sponsored 2011 Minor Home Repair Program

organized by City of Detroit, Planning and Development:

In October 2011, DMC co-sponsored 2011 Minor Home Repair program with the City of Detroit Planning and Development Department. Under program eligible senior and low income citizens are eligible for grants from the Federal Government.

The Minor Home Repair Program provides minor housing rehabilitation repairs to help preserve the neighborhoods of the City of Detroit. The Program is designed to correct health and safety conditions, and to eliminate lead-based paint hazards in residential properties owned by low-income homeowners.  Financial assistance is available through a one-time only grant/forgivable loan at no cost to homeowners up to $15,000 per property or a maximum of $24,950, if lead-based paint hazards exist.

Homeowners must apply through a Sponsoring Community Organization that has Community Development Block Grant Funds available for home repairs.  Applications are available October through December of each year through Sponsoring Community Organizations, who must spend their Community Development Block Grant funds awarded through the CDBG/NOF Proposal application process.  To participate in the Program, verification of the following items will be required: (1) proof of income; (2) proof of ownership; (3) proof of property insurance; (4) proof of paid property taxes; (5) proof of occupancy; (6) picture identification; and (7) other information may be required.

Completed applications and supporting documents are submitted by Sponsoring Community Organizations to the City of Detroit for review and approval in order for homeowners to participate in the Minor Home Repair Program. Eligible properties for financial assistance must meet the following requirements: (1) single-family dwellings; (2) located within the targeted boundaries of a Sponsoring Community Organization; and (3) structurally and economically feasible for repairs. Eligible improvements include repairs to roofs, furnaces, plumbing, electrical, structural, porches and lead hazard remediation.