County Wide Roof Replacement (Washtenaw County)


DMC was retained as the General Contractor by Washtenaw County for providing residential roof installation services to the Washtenaw County Housing Rehabilitation program. This project was federally funded project. DMC was retained to keep the construction site cleared of trash and construction debris, cleaning the site on a daily basis. The procurement process for this project was complied with federal procurement standards.

Project Name County Wide Roof Replacement (Washtenaw County)
DMC's Role General Contractors
Client Washtenaw County
Status August 2006- Ongoing


  • Selective demolition
  • Roofing
  • Selective abatement

Standard roof work, stripping the roof and disposal of scrap and waste.

  • Installation of ‘three tab’ or ‘architectural shingles’·
  • Installation of new standard drip edge
  • Installation of new vent pipe boots
  • Installation of starter shingles for eves and rakes, ridge and gable cap shingles
  • Installing new shingles over existing shingles complete
  • Roof decking replacement using plywood of matching thickness
  • Replacing of Fascia board
  • Ice guard installation.
  • Removing soffit vent cover and verifying free air flow.

The project is going on Schedule and Budget.

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