Supply Line Valve Replacement at Sheridan II


DMC was retained as the General Contractor by Detroit Housing Commission for replacing valves for the  water supply lines at the Sheridan II Senior living Apartments.The building was occupied with senior citizens and hence the project was divided u=into 4 phases. DMC had to ensure proper notices were provided for utility shutt off and areas shut-off so the residents hand minimum inconvinence. We also had to pay special attention to noise pollution as the hire rise tower was occupied. 

Project Name Supply Line Valve Replacement at Sheridan II
DMC's Role General Contractors
Client Detroit Housing Commission, MI
Architect CLM Architects
Status Complete March 2013


  • Selective Demolition/Saw Cutting
  • Excavation
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing Rough & Final
  • Mechanical 
  • Fire System/Fire Supression System
  • Flooring
  • Painting 


  • Removing all existing light fixtures.
  • Removing all ceiling mounted devices including, but not limited to, smoke detectors, exit lights etc.
  • Removing all pipe insulation on each existing; supply, return and riser feed line, above the suspended ceiling of the first floor corridors.
  • Removing all piping insulation on the main Chiller lines in the entire first floor corridors.


  • Installing complete dielectric, valve boiler drain valves, fittings and supply piping for the Chiller Feed lines in the corridor ceiling.
  • Installing complete Dielectric, valve, boiler drain valves, fittings and return piping for the Chiller Return lines in the corridor ceiling.
  • Installing complete insulation system on each Chiller Main supply, return and riser lines (both feed and return lines), valves, dielectrics, drain valves, fittings  and supply piping above the suspended ceiling in all first  floor corridors.   Aerocel SSPT EPDM Closed cell elastomeric thermal insulation for HVAC.
  • Replacing all existing hangers on the mains and riser feeder/return lines with   AeroFix-U.
  • Fire stop all piping as required by code. Installing material at walls, ceiling/floor structure or partition openings which contain penetrating sleeves, piping, plumbing, vents, flues, ductwork, conduit and other items, requiring firestopping.

DMC finished the project on Schedule and Budget.

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