DMC Consultants, Inc. has been providing Demolition/Underground services for the past 10 years. We have successfully completed several projects under this division. DMC has expertise and experience to provide a array of services under its demolition/underground division.

We have been providing demolition/underground services for the past 10 years. We have also finished many selectvive demoltion projects. DMC has expertise, experience, equipments and manpower to provide professional services at cost effective prices.  

DMC takes pride as a partner in blight removal and rebuilding Detroit. We have successfully completed demolition/site restoration of more than 2,200 residential/commercial structures in the past 10 years in Metro Detroit region. DMC owns all the equipments and tucks to self-perform all our work. Our services under the demolition/underground include:

Complete Demolition: 

Our Complete Demoltion services include but are not limited to:

  • Demolition of Residential/Commercial/Industrial Structures
  • Excavation of Footings and Foundation
  • Capping of Sewer/Water
  • Backfilling
  • Site Restoration
  • Trucking

Selective Demolition :

  • Dismantlement and removal of unwanted warehouse sections
  • Removal of penthouses
  • Demolitions of garages and decks
  • Chimney or stack demolition
  • Silo Demolition
  • Air handling system or dust collection system removals
  • Selective dismantlement of obsolete structures
  • Interior Demolition
  • Interior Strip-Outs
  • Interior Gut-Outs

We have finished many projects with private clients and government agencies. We add value engineering in selective demolitions of occupied properties due to our knowledge in phasing and building containments on occupied properties.

Deconstruction :

DMC assists its clients to do a walk through on a project and identify the salvageable materials from the site. Once the list for salvageable materials is prepared, we do a cost analysis and present it to the client to make decision accordingly.

We have the expertise and skills to remove and haul away large quantity materials and safely secure them at our warehouse for resale. We have a fleet of vehicles and a warehouse located at a central location and in proximity to all major highways, which makes us cost effective when compared to our competition. DMC has completed several deconstruction projects and have successfully removed and salvaged:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Decorative Trims
  • Doors/Windows
  • Wood Panels
  • Flooring (Wood)
  • Siding (Aluminum/Wood)
  • Structural Material (Wood/Steel)
  • Plumbing/Electrical & Mechanical fixtures and components

We can also provide a value added service by removing the environmental hazard from the salvaged component through our environmental division. In the past 8 years, we have conducted many deconstruction projects and salvaged a lot of materials including cabinets, doors, windows, furnace, hot water tank, flooring, trim etc. and same was distributed to the local residents at a very nominal or no cost.


  • Excavation and dirt removal (New Construction)
  • Excavation (Soil Remediation)
  • Waterproofing (Basement Walls)
  • Drain Tile removal and installation
  • Sewer Replacement (Residential/Commercial)
  • Water Leads/Main Replacement 
  • Catch Basin Repair & Replacement
  • Removal and Replacement of Shutoff valves
  • Replacement and installation of supply lines
  • Trucking

We have completed several projects in sewer replacement, water proofing, catch basin repairs and clean-up, replacement of supply lines (directional boring), contaminated soil abatement, and drain tile installation in the past 10 years. DMC has to its credit experience of working on a small residential house to working on a whole subdivision.


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