Demolition and Environmental

Demolition Services

DMC’s Demolition and Environmental services provide safe, efficient, and environmentally conscious site clearance solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Our expert demolition teams use the latest equipment and techniques, ensuring minimal disruption to surrounding areas. Simultaneously, our Environmental services handle hazardous materials responsibly, adhering to strict regulations to protect both public health and the environment. At DMC Group, we handle each demolition with precision and each environmental challenge with utmost responsibility, paving the way for successful new developments.


For over 10 years, DMC has been one of the leaders in residential demolitions within the city of Detroit. With our own fleet of equipment, DMC executes every residential demolition project with utmost care and precision, making the transition as seamless as possible.


We recognize that commercial demolitions often serve as a prelude to urban renewal and redevelopment. DMC employs effective strategies to ensure minimal impact on surrounding businesses and the overall community.

Environmental Abatement

DMC has done various projects as an environmental abatement contractor, adhering to strict regulatory requirements during the abatement of asbestos, lead, mold, and other hazardous materials. DMC's commitment to careful and conscientious environmental abatement ensures public safety and environmental responsibility.